A brief history

It all started long before 1999, the year we founded our first Portland healthcare clinic. It was, also, long before integrative medicine became a mainstream concept. We had not yet met, but we both had the same vision of a medical practice that provided clinical nutrition and alternative healing arts to its patients: A place of healing for the body, mind and spirit.

We both were profoundly influenced by the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s, one of us in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco. We had just entered healthcare, and we worked with AIDS patients when virtually no one else would. At the time, AIDS was a death sentence without a known cause or treatment, and the specter of it filled many people with an irrational fear of the unknown. Medical doctors and healthcare workers openly refused to treat patients. They rejected their duty to the patient, invoking a greater responsibility to protecting themselves from this mysterious plague.

We overcame our fears by the grace of the unfortunate ones that we treated. Patients came to us because no one else would touch them. They had nothing to lose, and everything to lose. So we unhesitatingly tried to be of benefit in any possible way. It is not an exaggeration that we helped more people die than live, and we developed an understanding that healing does not always equate with a cure. Overcoming fear of the unknown, including death, heals the mind and the spirit so the body can rest.

A person without fear has clarity of purpose and determination. These are the attributes we share. When our parallel paths converged in the mid-1990’s, we were amazed and thankful. We have worked together every day since then.

We love what we do. We strive every day to deliver the best quality medical care and healthcare experience. Your health is our duty. Your well-being is our goal.

Dr. Kimberly Queen

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Queen is a distinguished physician with 30 years of clinical experience. She has served the Portland community for 20 years. Many patients choose Dr. Queen to be their personal physician while others depend on her to provide specialist care as a member of their healthcare team.

Dr. Queen is an expert in the diagnosis and management of chronic medical problems and musculoskeletal pain. Her patients value her genuine, accessible manner and how she personalizes care for each patient. Dr. Queen takes her time to understand your health concerns and address your health goals in a thorough manner.

Diplomate American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN)
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
DC in Chiropractic Medicine. University of Western States, OR
MS magna cum laude in Human Nutrition. University of Bridgeport, CT
BS in Human Biology. University of Western States, OR
Adjunct Faculty, Division of Chiropractic Sciences. University of Western States, OR

Dr. Kelly Morgensen

Executive Director
Doctor of Chiropractic (Retired)

Dr. Morgensen is a respected doctor, nutritionist and teacher with over 30 years of professional experience. She is co-founder and Executive Director of Dr. Queen for Health. Dr. Morgensen develops nutrition education materials, resources and training tools in support of our mission to provide individualized nutritional counseling, nutrition education and nutrition advocacy.

Dr. Morgensen also provides support and guidance for planning, integrating and evaluating the nutrition care process that Dr. Queen provides to her patients. Dr. Morgensen is available to assist patients, providers and others to answer questions regarding services and coordination of patient care.

Member, American College of Healthcare Executives
DC in Chiropractic Medicine. Southern California University of Health Sciences
BS in Human Biology. Southern California University of Health Sciences
Past Associate Professor, Division of Continuing Education and Postgraduate Studies. University of Western States, OR
Past Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences. University of Western States, OR
Past Chairman and Associate Professor, Health Sciences Department. West Coast University, Los Angeles

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