Organic roasted chicken, potatoes, asparagus, yogurt dressing, mint, tarragon, parsley on a white plate

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Women’s Nutrition

Organic roasted chicken, potatoes, asparagus, yogurt dressing, mint, tarragon and parsley

Adapted from Jamie Oliver. Cook with Jamie. My Guide to Making You a Better Cook.

Women’s health

Preventive care for the mature woman

We provide health and wellness care for women 25 years of age and older. A woman’s nutrition and exercise needs change in each decade of life, and we help you navigate these changes using evidence-based guidance to promote your optimal health and well-being; including screening tests shown to improve health outcomes. You can enter care without a referral, and we will help you determine your insurance coverage and benefits.

We evaluate your blood pressure, body composition and weight. We order screening tests for cardiovascular risk factors, cholesterol, diabetes, estrogen, thyroid and osteoporosis. Depending on your age and health history, we also order screening tests to evaluate your risk of certain cancers, including breast, cervical and colon cancer. We will coordinate your care with other providers when needed, including referral to a specialist.

We provide you with age-appropriate exercise and nutritional recommendations to help you develop good eating habits and maintain optimal health. Our goal is to reduce your risk for future health problems. We periodically review your medications, diet and exercise habits to monitor your health over time. Contact us to find out more.

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